Wrist Caddy

The Wrist Caddy by Beautiful Lashes is designed to go along with the Lash Bugs. 

  • Excellent dipping depth.
  • Viscosity remains true and with only 3 drops at a time, waste is reduced.
  • Cleans up nicely with micro brush and acetone or cream remover.
  • Comes with 6 magnet discs.  

Directions on How to Use the Wrist Caddy:

  • Place Adhesive Disc on level surface and fill with 1 - 3 drops of adhesive
  • Place WRIST CADDY band on wrist
  • Carefully Place Magnet on band

Whenever removing band, remove DISC First!!


To Clean:

  • Let adhesive dry completely, then peel.
  • Alternate Cleaning Method: Soak disc in acetone overnight.

Note: if magnet comes off, easily bond back on with small amount of super glue or lash adhesive.

Light Pink
Bright Pink
Light Lavender
Dark Purple

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