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Vivienne Henna Spa Kit - 7 color full size kit

Vivienne Henna Spa Kit with all 7 colors

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sold individually on our store as well.  If this kit is sold out please check the items individually as they are most likely available for purchase. 

henna colors are available and sold separately as well as included in kit

A great buy for the master brow artist with the influx of customers. This is an actual Brow Hair Dye / Stain and Skin Stain as well! Make Eyebrows amazing and long lasting with this amazing Brow Henna. 

Staining henna gives you the opportunity to expressive eyebrows, camouflage gaps in over plucked eyebrows or sparse brow hair and spa care allows to achieve the maximum result of staining, prolonging the effect of the procedure, as well as strengthens and takes care of hair and skin. Henna Spa will have an amazing tattoo look and lasts anywhere from 5 - 30 days, pending different skin and the aftercare. Most* customers should last 2.5 - 3.5 weeks when done properly and maintained properly.  **PLEASE NOTE FOR SHIPPING PURPOSES BOX FOR KIT MAY COME FOLDED**

See Video Below to See How to Use

Each Kit of Henna Spa Contains 22 Products

  • Henna Colors (7) - Each Box of Henna Color comes with Henna Color Powder and a bottle of Aqua to mix together to create your brow henna stain.  The number of procedures per bottle of color: 30-35 for total of 210 - 245 cost of spa staining: $0.80 As with any procedure Henna spa requires a correct application and use of all products in order to achieve the most effective and lasting results. It is recommended to be trained and to know for sure . all the details of implementation henna Spa treatments to create 7 colors for different color creations of the HennaSpa includes several natural herbs and coloring components. composition: Lawsonia Inermis leaf extract (henna) , Azadirachta Indica bark / seed extract, Amla, Eclipta prostrata leaf Powder, celulose gum, p-aminophenol, sodium sulfate, citric acid ATTENTION !!! HennaSpa does not contain lead and ammonia and does not require the use of hydrogen peroxide. two products in one package! Buying henna SPA, you get a second product "Aqua" for free . a solution of mineral solution henna Spa - is a special mineral solution, which is used for mixing with henna SPA.
  • brow shampoo - deeply cleanses hair eyebrows, opening flakes hairs for better color fixation
  • exfoliant gel - removes dead skin cells and stimulates the production of new hair
  • anesthetic- it helps to reduce pain when plucking out hairs during brow correction
  • Remover - correcting errors and removing excess ink from skin
  • Cleanser - this medication cleans and disinfects the skin
  • Fixative color lock-it helps to perpetuate the color of the skin to prolong the effect of tattooing
  • Eyebrow GEL to restore over plucked eyebrows. With convenient customers to return their own health and beauty of your eyebrows at home! 
    Designed for over 200 full spa treatments henna 
  • My own Tips & Info:  Tint just colors the hair where Henna colors hair & skin.  The areas that may not have any hair at all will look little lighter and for myself what I do is put the henna on a second time just on those bald areas and it comes out awesome.  If i don't do that then the areas I don't have hair look little lighter.
  • Do any waxing or tweezing AFTER you do the Henna Spa

HennaSPA_ENG_Instruction from Stefani Altieri on Vimeo.

HennaSPA (EN) from Stefani Altieri on Vimeo.



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