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PRIME LASH - Lash Extension PRIMER 15ml

StellaLash Primer is exceptional for removing all traces of oil & residue left behind.

This is compareable to BIS Lash Pre-Treatment I used to recommend

Creates a much stronger bond with lash extensions and the adhesive

Use sparingly, AVOID getting in eyes

Ingredients:  Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, AA, Saline   15ml

Have client wash their eyes. We highly recommend with Chrissanthie to really get the lashes clean


then take 2 flock tip (lint-free) applicators and apply only 1 (ONE) drop of StellaLash PRIMER 

kiss the two applicators together then go thru the lashes and really get in there and clean lashes.

This is especially great for those oily clients because it really strips all traces of oils away so you have a great bond.

then run a mascara spoolie thru lashes to seperate and prepare to lash.

I usually take my nebulizer and just give 10 - 20 seconds to the lashes to add some moisture and watch

those lashes just instantly cling to the natural lashes.

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