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Gold Volume / Isolation Tweezer 5mm Tips 14cm 45 degree Angle

Make Amazing Volume Fans or Use for Isolation with this beautiful Gold Plasma 14cm 45 degree Angle Tweezers

StellaLash Tweezers are all personally tested by Stefani Altieri to make sure they make beautiful Volume fans

so you are guaranteed they will work for you!

These tweezers are also great for using as Isolation tweezers, if you are someone that uses straight isolation tweezers

try these instead and you will notice a huge difference on the tension on your wrists!!  You will no longer have that annoying

tension or pain in your wrist from isolation if you are used to using a straight Isolation tweezers. 

Having a 45 degree Angle on tweezers or even Curved tweezers will help Isolate for you to aleviate that upward movement

you don't even realize you are doing when isolating with a straight tweezers.  You can have your wrist relax and gently lay your

wrist and palm on client's forehead by spreading our your fingers move resting on the client's head will keep your wrist supported

without the need to lift up since the angled tips do the isolation for you!!  Try it and I promise you will love it!


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