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Stella Lash Volume Mix or Classic Mix Mini Trial Lash Tray

Enjoy a Free Lash Tray to Try with All the different Diameters in C Curl & D Curl for Classic and Volume Available L+, C & D 

6 rows Try all our diameters also Flatt Matt lashes on Classic Tray

And Now .03 added to our Volume Mix Trays also available in our famous L+ curl Now!!!

1 Row of Each Diameter & Length

Classic Mix
.12 C 09mm
.15 D 10mm
.15 C 11mm
.18 C 12mm
.20 C 13mm
.20 D 14mm
Volume Mix Pick either C Curl or D Curl
.05   08mm
.06   09mm
.07   10mm
.07   11mm in Velvet
.085 12mm
.10   13mm


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