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Russian Volume Lash Training 1 Day Refresh

Advanced Lash Training 2   RUSSIAN VOLUME COURSE   $750 1 Day

located in Mission Viejo, California OR Stefani can come to your location 

in California.  Please give us a call to discuss if additional costs for travel.

Far beyond the basics
Classes are usually on a Sunday or a Monday
10am - 5pm 
This Class is for SEASONED Lash Artist who have mastered Classic 1 :1 LASH EXTENSIONS first.
1 : 2 - 6D Natural Lash to Eyelash Extensions
You Will Learn Various Different Volume Techniques
2 - 3 D .10 Lashes
3 - 6 D .07 Lashes
My Signature Technique
Basic Lash Artistry in Designing/Mapping Your Volume Set
Tapeing Technique for Speed
Adhesive application tips
Body Ergonomics Various Ways & Positions to Work More Efficiently
Getting Rid of Bad Habits
Lash Fills
Capping & Stacking
Going from Classic to Volume with your clients
Plus All these little tricks and tips you need to know to help work and perform with ease.

For those that want a 2nd Day to come back and correct and tweak what you have been practicing & perfect your technique we give you a 3rd day for additional $350 to come back with 5 hours with Stefani.

Class comes with:
1 StellaLash Volume Lash Tray
1 Adhesive
2 Tweezers
The Lash Pallet Ring with adhesive rings

StellaLash Leather Case

Stefani prides herself with education and training to pass along her expertise to help you become the best Lash Technician in your area.
Perfect your craft now.
Besides several Lash Techniques that will demonstrated during this training. Stefani will go over Marketing and Business Tools to help you achieve success. After you have your Certification that doesn't mean you are finished with StellaLash Academy.  We are always here for continuing help when needed to help you grow & succeed.


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