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Millimeter Stainless Steel Dental Mirror (handheld) Purple/Silver and Black/Gold Plasma

Little handheld mini mirror that dentist used to see inside the patients mouth.

How does this help the Lash Artist?  

Use this little cute handheld mirror to check your work while you are lashing.

You can see your clients lashes from the angle we can't see while we are sitting and lashing!

You will also be able to make sure your clients eyes are closed properly.

You can make sure eyepads are not going into clients eyes,

or if lower lashes are poppin and/or any lashes stuck together.

Also, has a millimeter ruler on the bottom so you can measure your client's natural lashes if you want, or check how far away from the lash line you are with the millimeter ruler :)

This little tiny mirror really can help any lash artist to work more efficiently and

makes lashing a lot safer for you and your clients.


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