Lash Secret Lash Lift Volumising Fix Solution No. 2

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Lash Secret Lash Lift Serums - THIS IS AVAILABLE IN 5 OR 10 PACK

The preparation in the sachet for the second step of the lamination procedure. It is intended for giving to eyelashes of volume and fixation of a curl.

Volume: 1ml

  • Product specifications: Composition for the lamination of eyelashes № 2 LASH SECRET

    • Volume of 1 ml
    • ManufacturerKorea
    • Exposure time4 minutes - Thin, dry, short and rare eyelashes, 5 minutes - Normal, healthy eyelashes, 6 minutes - Thick, hard, long and thick eyelashes
    • Shelf life in closed form1 year
    • Shelf life in the open2 weeks
    • Storage conditionsIn a cool dark place, in a thermo package, away from sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Description: Composition for the lamination of eyelashes №2 LASH SECRET

    Lash Secret Laminating Composition №2 "Volume + fixation" is intended for the second step of the procedure. At this stage, eyelashes acquire an additional volume. In addition, the second composition captures the resulting curl. Thanks to the special composition of the drug, it is already possible to see an expressive effect at the second stage of the procedure!

    And, most importantly, such a quality product is sold at a very attractive and favorable price! 

    Instructions for use of Lash Secret lamination formulations

    Step 1: Install protective pads under the eyes in order to isolate the lower eyelashes.

    Step 2: Select and install the curlers of the required size: (S, M, L). Using a special glue, attach the curlers to the upper eyelid as close as possible to the ciliary series.

    Stage 3: Make an eyelash spread using a special glue, a microbrush, and a multifunctional tool (tweezers or applicator)

    Stage 4: Apply formulation No. 1 "Lifting-balm". It must be applied from the root to the middle of the eyelashes. Exposure time, depending on the thickness of the eyelash is from 6 to 10 minutes. After the exposure time, carefully remove the remainder of the composition with a cotton swab.

    Stage 5: Apply formulation No. 2 "Volume + fixation" from the roots to the middle of the eyelashes. Leave for 4-6 minutes (depending on the thickness of the client's eyelashes). Remove the residue with a cotton swab.

    Stage 6: Make the eyelash coloring with a special paint. Choose the shade in the light of the color and the customer's wishes. The paint allows not only to give the eyelashes color, but also visually extend them by coloring the colorless tip. Remove the residue with a micro-brush.

    Step 7: Apply formulation No. 3 "Moisturizing + Nutrition" from the roots to the tips using a multifunctional tool and a "mini brush" nozzle. Remove the rest of the composition with a micro-brush. 

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