Hydrometer - Temperature & Humidity Reading



It is imperative to know the temperature & especially the Humidity Readings
in the room you are lashing in.  All that is right, EVERY SINGLE LASH ADHESIVE
is tempermental with regard to Humidity & Temperature.  Some adhesives are more
tempermental than others.  In order to figure out why an adhesive is either drying too quick
or setting to slow, you need a Hydrometer to figure out if you need to add a humidier in your room
or a de-humidifier.  If you need to put the AC on or the Heat to make the room you are lashing in
the perfect environment for working in.  The Ideal Temperature & Humidity for really ANY
Lash Adhesive is 68 - 74 degrees with the Ideal temperature to be 70 - 72
Humidity should be anywhere from 45 - 65% with the IDEAL Humidity to be as close to 50% as you can.
Some Lash Adhesives can work great in 30% Humidity and horrible in 55% but in order to know that
you need a Hydrometer so you can make your environment perfect setting for your adhesive to work the best
it can for you to work more Efficiently.
  • 100% Brand New
  • Color: White
  • Size: Approx 8 x 7.5 x 2cm (W x H x T)
  • Range (Indoor): 0~50; 32~122(Temperature); 10%~99%(Humidity)
  • Accuracy (Temperature): ±0.1
  • Accuracy (Humidity): ±5%
  • Resolution: 0.1 (temperature); 1% (humidity)
  • Indoor temperature, humidity, time is displayed at the same time /
  • 2 line of LCD display
  • The back of a support plate and a hook roar, you can put the plane and linked
  • The instrument has one string to deduct location behind one's back and prop up the board
  • The temperature of the product can choose / . Selection key in the back of the product, there are signs.
  • Use one 1.5 volt AAA Battery (Not included)
How to use
  • Press the MAX/ MIN key, the highest measurement environment- the lowest temperature - humidity
  • High or low humidity display


  • Date-time adjustment function:

Long press (MODE), minute scintillation. According to the  (ADJ) to the requirements of the time, according to the (MODE) hours flashing, press (ADJ) to the requirements of the time. Contiguous press (MODE) 4exit setup. Flashing sequenceMinuteshours12/24monthday.

  • Timing alarm clock function:
In the normal time display, press (MODE)1, (ADJ) in 3,display alarm symbol, long press (MODE), minute scintillation, according to (ADJ) to the requirements set by (MOCE) hours, flashing, press (ADJ) to request settings, alarm clock is set, press (MODE) the 2 returned to the normal time display.

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