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Henna Brow by Elleebana Certification with Stefani

1 Day Henna Brow  Hands On Course
10am - 5pm Class Hours

Mission Viejo, California  Southern Orange County California
Includes Henna Brow Kit from Elleebana

We also offer a One on One private training for additional $50 so it becomes $650 plus if we travel to you any additional traveling costs.  We will work out a date that is agreeable for you.

This course includes the Elleebana Brow Henna Kit ($260 Value)

All 5 Henna Colors

Mixing Tool

Henna Cup 

Disposable Applicators 

White Brow Pencil

pH Activator 

Brow Shampoo

Angle Brush 

brow precision pencils (3) one of each color

brow measuring tape

Certificate and Manual also included  
MUST be an insured licensed beauty professional
10% off Student Discount on All Lash Shop Products & Elleebana for Life*

The Elleebana Brow Henna Course has been developed as an introduction to color craft and brow allowing you to create fuller, thicker and more defined brows for your clients.

Requiring no Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia free, Elleebana’s Brow Henna has been carefully developed to include unique ingredients such as Indigo Powder, Indian Gooseberry and Acacia Concinna for added luster and shine and to encourage healthy brow growth.

Our course is a full-day course, loaded with comprehensive theory providing myth-busting information and in-depth detail of the industry’s hottest topics together and exclusive Elleebana techniques not readily showcased in other training.

During your two (2) guided brow henna applications you will be assessed on your client’s skin tone assessments, hair color assessments and shape perfecting skills.

This application of your understanding to the practical side is a key element in our assessment phase to ensure you leave with the best possible knowledge retention and ability to boost your brow business like never before.


• What is Henna
• How henna is different to tinting
• What is the profitability and how you should price your treatments
• Ingredients knowledge
• Storage and care
• Skin Anatomy and how the skin is relevant to Brow Henna
• Hair Structure
• Hygiene and Sanitation
• Contraindications
• Indemnity forms and patch testing

• Color mixing and processing
• Skin tone and hair assessments (both theory and practical)
• Color customizing
• Face and Brow Shape as well as key measurements to assist in understanding what’s right for your client
• Brow mapping
• Procedures and aftercare advice
• Criteria checklists and sign offs for your certificate issue (students will be receiving their certificate on the day of training)




A non-refundable booking fee applies and is included in the above mentioned price and full payment is required per student to secure your position at a class. 


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