GLAMCOR Elite Lighting with FREE Shipping in USA Only


The best lighting for Lash Artists.

Has a 5 way dim/light to have it as bright as you want to a more subtle light when desired and do not give off excess heat as other lamps do.

Recommended for best lighting - 2 lamps, one on either side of your work space.  Place lamp right up to clien'ts face so that you do not see any shadows. Take the each light panel and face them towards each other. This will assureyour pictures to come out crisp and clear with no shadows to worry about!!

 ***INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES WILL APPLY*** DOES NOT APPLY TO FREE SHIPPING DUE TO LARGE SHIPPING BOX International Shipping Pending Address Can be $40 - $60 Usually *please note will be billed paypal invoice pending Shipping Charges for International *NO DISCOUNTS OR COUPONS ALLOWED ON GLAMCOR LIGHTING  One (1) year unlimited unconditional warranty for manufacturer's defect, loss of functionality, parts, shipping, and service. After one year we will continue to warranty the product provided we have the parts to repair and/or replace.

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