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Dolly Lash Perm Glue

Dolly Lash - Lash Perm Glue - clear non-toxic lash perm adhesive to hold lash perm rods/pads onto eyelids.

dissolves quickly with water

TIP: You can use on the lower lashes when doing lash extensions to help hold down the little lashes that may not stay down under the eye pads or tape. Makes placing the eye pads down very easy as well.  Tape up/back all top lashes while eyes are closed and take a flock tip applicator to put a thin layer of this clear perm non toxic adhesive to hold down lower lashes, this adhesive takes a little bit to set so sometimes it may take a good 10 - 15 seconds before the lower lashes stay down. Take a 2nd flock tip applicator to help hold down after you applied some adhesive.  When finished lashing and eyelids have been removed take a clean flock tip applicator and get wet with water (not dripping) run along lower lash line and the water will dissapate the adhesive.

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