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The Telesight Full Frame Magnifier is great to have your eye doctor put your own prescription lenses in these full frame binocular magnifiers.  By putting in your own prescription lenses in the full frame is much more comfortable and lighter weight then wearing your prescription eyeglasses and magnifiers separately.  These Telesight Magnifiers are used extensively in the lash and jewelry industry, low vision and other professions.

The frame supplied with our Telesight Binocular Magnifier is optical quality and comfortable to wear. Prismatic first quality lenses reduces eyestrain.
Made in U.S.A
Select from different Magnification Strengths 
All distances-unaided eye. 
**make sure you realize these are full frame to put your prescription lenses in the full frame with the magnifiers that you can lift and position how you need it.
Tla-32 1.50x @ 20 inches
TLA- 33 1.75x @ 14 inches
TLA-34   2x @ 10 inches
looking for a different Strength please email me for a special order.
*additional fee may apply for special orders


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