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Belmacil MINI TINT Kit Complete With 10 items

Belmacil MINI Tint Kit Contains 10 Products Valued At $151.00 for $145.00!

The Belmacil Mini Tint Kit comes with everything you need to start tinting eyelashes and eyebrows and to restock basics you always need in your salon business.


The Belmacil Mini Tint Kit includes all these products:

  • Belmacil Tints in 4 Colors: BLACK, BLUE-BLACK, DARK BROWN, and LIGHT BROWN  
  • Belma-Remove 2-in-1 Tint and Eye Make Up Remover in a 125ml Size
  • Belmacil Oxydant Creme in a 125ml Size - The gentle color developer you need.
  • Belma Shield Protective Balm made with all natural sweet almond oil and beeswax.
  • Belma 2-in-1 Tint Mixing Dish with Brush Rest
  • Retractable Application Brush 
  • Belmacil Paper Eye Shields 

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