Beauty Scissors

Stainless steel beauty scissors are ideal for shaping and various assistance during lashing! It's a great feeling to have the right type of scissors handy when you need them!
SHARP BLADES with a curved tip, sharp point make precion cuts easy. We all know there is nothing more frustrating than a dull pair of scissors when you want a nice, clean cut. Problem Solved.
PRECISION: Perfectly aligned, precise and long lasting 1" cutting blades. They resist rust, staining and corrosion and are super-easy to keep clean and sanitized. These scissors are durable and will last!
PRECISE & STURDY, with full blade contact, made from forged surgical grade stainless steel that resists rust and tarnish. Easily maintained by wiping with a soft, dry cloth and storing in closed position when not in use. An excellent value!

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