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StellaLash Line

For the Detailed Lash Artist in Mind Much Needed in The Industry

Our Individual Eyelashes are made from Exceptionally High Quality Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) materials which
are very light weight and flexible with a fine sheen. They have micro pores in the surface to help lash adhesives bond well. 

Every batch of lashes are checked for accurate length and curl. Stellalash Hold their curl for full life of wear.
Each strip is labeled with curl type and length size of the lash throughout the full strip.
This insures that even if you cut the lash strip into sections, no matter where your strip of lashes are, be it the back of your hand, a lash ring or a home made lash tile. ....You will always know which lashes are you using!!

The lashes come off strip with ease leaving no residue on the actual lash extension at all.
They fan out with easily making Stellalash great for volume technique. Right now we carry Stella Lashes in B, C, D, CC, & L+ curl in .05, .06, .07, .085, .10, .12, & .15 diameters from 7mm - 14mm in individual trays and mixed trays.

All Stella lashes are in Synthetic "Mink" except .10. The .10 is in "Silk".  In essence, it is the same high quality pbt fiber material only tapered differently.   Mink lashes are tapered about 1/3 of the lash vs. Silk being 2/3 tapered. Both are super soft and light weight.  It honestly is very difficult to tell the difference between the two with the naked eye. 

We also have our "Matte" Minks available in mini trays in .10 in L+, B, C, & D curls.  The L+ is not the typical L with the hard angle.  The angle is softened to give it a more natural look but giving the single lid or Asian eye the best noticeable curved lash giving a nice lift to the eye.