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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! 

Q: What are your shipping options for international orders?
A: All international shipping options will appear at check out.

Q: What are your shipping options?
A: They vary according to how fast you'd like to receive your shipment, they are only shown when you proceed to check out with your new items in the shopping cart.

Q: Do I need a Cosmetology or Esthetician License to buy from your site?
A: No license is needed to buy from our site, but you do need an esthetician and/or cosmetology certification to preform appropriate services on clients.

Q: Can I use “___Product___” in my state of “___” with a Estheticians/Cosmetology License ?
A: You will have to look up your state laws and see what services fall under what license you will need to provide the service to clients.  

Q: I ordered product on Friday after 12pm, I paid for priority, but it hasn’t arrived, its now Monday, where is it? 
A: Any order placed after 12pm PST will not be shipped out until the next business day. We operate Monday through Friday, closed on U.S. holidays.

Q: My package says it has arrived but it isn’t here, what can you do? 
A: It is best to check with your neighbors, in case they have signed for it. Double check surrounding areas for the parcel may have been placed in an odd area. Proceed to contact your shipping carrier and open an investigation for a missing parcel. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

Q: Missing or damaged product from an order? 
A: Please email us at with your order number, photographic evidence of the damage, receipt, and the product description as best as possible.

Q: Do you have wholesale pricing? 
A: Yes! We are currently creating an additional site that is catered to wholesale, it is being worked on and will come soon. Until then, please send us an email at Whole sale orders require quantities of 100+ per product, shipping prices and options will be discussed according to weight and size of products.

Q: Do you offer online classes or certification for lashing or specific products? 
A: All lashing classes are in person. Class dates, registration, and pricing will be posted on our website and all social media once they become available again. Check out our how-to/tutorial page for specific product use.

Q: Currently “x” product is out of stock, can I please be noticed when its back in-stock?
A: On the particular out of stock product page, there will be an option to be placed on a notification email list for when its back in-stock. 

Q: I placed an order on the 20th and I ordered 12 Chrissanthie. Your site states that if you order over 10, the price would reduce from $20 to $15. Unfortunately, I was still charged the $20?
A: We will be refunding you $60.00 for the Chrissanthie. We apologize the system didn't put in the discount.

Q: I am trying to order products but it says the shipping option is not available for my area? I'm not using a PO box, I am trying to order from Canada though?
A: In the past, we were able to ship Elleebana products to clients in Canada, but due to distributor restrictions, we're unable to.

Q: I would like to purchase Vivienne Lash trays in .07 curl 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm. I preferably like the safari in black.
A: Making an account on our website allows you to purchase these lashes, please refer to the collections page for guidance through our store.

Q: I would like to buy the kit for my salon and also brow regrowth to retail??? Please can you advise? I would like 10 regrowth gels plus the kit?
A: Please create an account on our site, add all the items you'd like to purchase and follow through with checking out. Make sure to read our Terms & Policies for a hassle free shipping experience!