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Vivienne Silicone Rods 8 Pair Pack

VIVIENNE 8 pair of silicone hair curlers

A set of curlers of various sizes and shapes from Vivienne is an excellent purchase for a craftsman who is engaged in biocasting or laminating natural eyelashes. Thanks to the anatomical form, they fit perfectly on the eyelid and are suitable for novice masters, in order to facilitate the laying (because the eyelash falls into the thread) for an even, symmetrical lining of the eyelashes.

Curlers are made of high-quality elastic silicone, which perfectly manifests itself in the work. They are absolutely smooth, so they do not need special care.

In the kit there are 4 sizes of hair curlers (2 pieces each):

S - small

M - medium

L - large

LL - very large

Curlers are not only in different sizes, but in different forms: curve and flat.

The shape of the curve provides a more pronounced and curved curl, and flat curlers are more suitable for opening the eyes and lifting the lashes from the roots.

With such a set, the master can offer his clients many interesting variants of the curl! 


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