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Lash Attraction

Lash Attraction #23 Summer Fling

Lash Attraction #23 Summer Fling

Velvety, Brown and looks like a $Million Bucks! Fall in love with this fresh look for Summer! 
Length - 9-14mm.
Includes our amazing MAGIC PEN LINER, "Broolie" Brush for cleansing and blending, a pink eyelash placement tweezer and our LASH-LINE-MAGIC remover! Everything you need to wear and care for your beautiful lashes!
How to WEAR | How to CARE

Always apply to clean eyelids. If you wear eyeshadow, apply one coat of liner FIRST, then eye shadow, and add a second coat on top to give the lashes a clean liner to bond to.

Shake the MAGIC Liner.

APPLY the liner - one to coats are plenty. Add more if needed or wanted. *If you wear eyelash extensions, hold them down & out of the way gently with the Pink Applicator Tool.

If you wish to apply mascara, do it at this point

Using the Pink Application Tool, apply the lash onto the lined eyelid, pushing into the liner for good contact.

BLEND your lashes and the Lash-ATTRACTION strip lash using the SPOOLIE end of our BROOLIE Blend & Cleanse Brush.

REMOVE the lash, clean the lash band and your eyelid using our BROOLIE (slant brush side) and 1-2 drops of our LASH-LINE-MAGIC Remover. *This remover can be used to cleanse away any of your makeup. It is safe for all areas of the face, including lips and eyelids and lashes.

CLEANSE your strip lashes and blot dry. You can use any gentle foaming cleanser. 

STORE your luxury lashes in their original container to keep them safe and clean for the next use!

If you care for your lashes and handle them very gently, they can be re-used up to 30 times. Individual results will vary.

Lashes:  PBT Fiber, Vinyl Resin

Liner INGREDIENTS: Styrene Acrylate Copolymer, Aqua, Propanediol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, CI77499, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol/ethylhex Glycerin, Octanol/Ethyl Glycerol

Only apply to clean, dry and healthy (intact) eyelid skin. Do not use if eyelid has any irritation, injury or rash. Intended for external eyelid, eyeliner use only. Keep away from children. If irritation develops after using this product, stop using it. If irritation persists or worsens, seek appropriate medical attention. Remove lashes and liner nightly before bed, cleansing the eyelid and lashes as instructed in the HOW to WEAR/HOW to CARE section.

Liner Color
Black Liner
Brown Liner
Clear Liner

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