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Hygrometer White with Clock & Alarm - Temperature & Humidity Reading

A Hygrometer is every lash artists secret weapon to keep their eyelash extension adhesive in line! If you are not using a hygrometer in your lash space you should be! Those days you wanna pull your hair out because the adhesive is acting “different” than the day before, here is why:

Eyelash extension adhesives cure (turn from a liquid to a solid) from the moisture in the air.

The best way to keep your adhesive working on point is to keep your humidity and temperature in a good range and to measure them with a hygrometer.

Recommended room humidity on average is 40-60% (this can vary with different adhesives).

Room temp: If you are comfortable in the room, your adhesive will be also. In cold temperatures your adhesive thickens, in hot- it becomes more runny so keep your room at a comfortable room temp, around 70-75 degrees ferinheight.

  • Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneouslysystem selectable o C / o F unit selectable
  • Integral-hour alarm function
  • Clock & Calendar function (month and date )
  • Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value
  • 12-hour / 24-hour displaying
  • Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging
  • Temperature range: -50~ + 70 oC ( -58 ~ +158 o F )
  • Humidity range: 20%~99%RH
  • temperature: 0.1 oC ( 0.1o F)
  • humidity: 1%RH
  • Power supply: 1.5V ( AAA size ) X 1(not include)
  • temperature :± 1 oC ( 1.8 o F )
  • humidity :± 5 RH ( 40% ~ 80% )
Product dimension: 100 x 100 x 15mm
Storage condition: -20 oC ~60 oC , 20~80%RH
Weight : 115g



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