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Social Media for Lash Artists

January 06, 2017 8 Comments

Simplifying social media marketing. Why not to overthink it. Social media for lash technicians. Photo shows woman looking at cell phone.

Lash artists want a strong list of clients. Getting new clients is almost a
full-time job. Constantly looking for affordable options to reach potential clients is a never-ending process. Well, there is an affordable way to build business – have a strong Digital Media Presence!

You have to spend money to build a website. If you can’t afford a full website, it’s ok because there are so many ways to reach people today! Social media offers three very popular platforms that will allow you to express yourself, showcase your work, and even advertise. Get to know your current customers’ social media habits. Which platforms are their favorites? Focus on the social media platforms your clients use.

Popular Social Media Platforms


The advancements that Facebook has made make it one of the desirable
platforms for small businesses to use to promote their services. You can now
create an online presence with a Facebook page for your business. A Facebook  page will allow a business to showcase it's products, services, and information such as phone number, email address, street location, pricing, reviews, offers and discounts, and events.

You can create photo albums of your work. You can feature before and after photos. You can showcase aftercare products. Facebook allows you to make posts that will help you to educate and inform your clients. You can share content from some of your favorite lash resources. Facebook is a great platform to allow your clients to ask questions to which you can provide answers.

One of the more fun aspects of Facebook is the Facebook Live feature. You can do so many amazing things with this feature. You can run lashing question and answer sessions so clients can ask questions in real time. You can even do a live stream of a lashing session.

One of the most amazing tools with Facebook is the Ads Manager. You can target
women in your neighborhood to send ads about your services. You can literally
select age, gender, zip code and even interests when your run an ad. If you have an Instagram account, you can run the same ad there as Facebook owns Instagram.


“Let’s Take A Selfie"! Four words that precede every Instagram post at a party. Choose the best pic, then use a popular filter, add your text and hashtags, and post!  IG is one of the perfect platforms to show off your work because it is all image based. You can show the world your supplies, your implements, and your work space. You can feature your own lashes, training classes, and conventions.

You can also film short videos about technique and aftercare. Try Instagram Live.

Make sure to use trending hashtags, which function as search tools, so you populate in searches from Instagram users.

Instagram is a great spot to run contests. Have your followers enter to win a contest by tagging a friend in the comments of a post. This is a fun way to grow your audience.


This is a fun social media platform that is really all about the filters, so have some fun. On SnapChat you can take your events to a new level by showcasing demonstrations. The location services on SnapChat is where you can get custom services created for you.

Social media can be fun, but it can also help you make money. It can help you
reach new clients and help you communicate with and educate your existing clients.

The important thing to remember is to pick a platform that meets the needs of your clients and optimize that platform well!

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