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Posted on December 15 2016

Since 2011 social media has dominated the digital marketing environment and
many businesses have been focusing heavily on Facebook and Instagram as a
marketing tool. From 2011 until the end of 2015 this was all pretty much free .
Many businesses began to curate and distribute engaging and compelling content.
The theory was if you had more interesting social media content, it would cause
greater engagement with your fans and followers. It was a craze that came to an
abrupt end in 2015 when Facebook changed its focus back to its timeline users and
began forcing business to pay to advertise.

When that happened – business began to look to email marketing. It had always
been a cheap and effective way to get messages to consumers. However, there’s a
catch! It’s changed and changed big time!

The trend in reading email has changed. A large majority of readers – read emails
on their phone. You have to think small to win big in the new email marketing

In the early 2000’s email marketing was dominated by graphic designers who
created templates that looked beautiful on the computer screens where consumers
read their emails. But smart phones changed all of that! Now if you open that same
email on a mobile device with a screen the size of your palm, it’s totally
unrecognizable. There’s a new email marketing landscape and it’s got a whole new
set of terms.

Less is so much more for your message content. In this new digital world, use your
email marketing as a virtual conduit that will funnel readers to your site. Don’t
write too much in an email, just use a compelling headline, a few lines of text, a great
photo and then link the story back to your web-site. It’s great if you have a blog on
your site so your customers and potential customers can come to you to learn.

Make sure your blog/website has all of the information about your services, your
prices, your hours and contact information. You’ll be amazed at how much business
you can drum up by sending an email that links right back to your website.
Email marketing is a dynamic tool that can help you grow your business. Become a
resource to your email recipients and you will see success. Work to engage, educate
and inform and you will see positive results that are sure to help you achieve your

*(Nov 2013 study)


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