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Lash Extension Care While On Vacation

May 25, 2018 6 Comments

Woman with eyelash extensions in pool. How to care for your lash extensions while on vacation.

Vacation season is near, it’s only right we teach you on how to protect your lashes!

We can’t get enough of lash extensions and traveling! Lash extensions are a great option when you've got an itinerary as long as your make up routine. Be gorgeous on the go by following these best practices to keep your lash extensions looking fresh every day. 

Here are a few tips to keeping your lash extensions looking fabulous all vacation long:

1) Rinse your lashes and pat dry after swimming

Over time, both chlorine and salt water can affect lash retention. Whether you are swimming in a pool, a lake, or the ocean, we recommend rinsing with fresh water post-swim, and then combing through your lashes with a lash wand or patting (no rubbing!) them dry to remove excess water.

2) Avoid direct and extreme heat near your lashes

Exposing your lashes to extreme heat can “relax” the curl or, even worse, singe the lashes! While grilling or snuggling up next to that toasty campfire, make sure not to stand too close to the fire or directly over the heat to keep your lashes intact and looking beautiful.

3) Vacation activity, exercise, and sweat can affect your lashes

It’s pretty impossible to run around in the sun and not sweat. Sweat carries natural oils from your skin that can run into your eyes and affect lash retention. Here at The Lash Shop, we strongly believe in the benefits of exercise and “sweating it out”; however, to combat the effects of sweat on your lashes, we recommend using a towel or a sweatband when hitting the gym. In extremely sweaty situations, such as hot yoga, rinse lashes post-workout with fresh water.

4) Keep your lashes clean

Vacation means spending more time outdoors. Camping, hiking, swimming, etc. can lead to increased dirt and debris collecting in your lashes. We recommend keeping your lashes clean by rinsing in the shower and allowing the water to pass through. Alternatively, we recommend using our lash cleanser with our super gentle cleansing brush to thoroughly clean your lashes regularly.

5) Sunscreen application

We believe in sunscreen! It is an absolute MUST for all of your favorite vacation activities. It is important to keep in mind that many sunscreen brands contain a variety of oils which can run onto the lashes and cause excessive shedding. We recommend taking extra care when applying your SPF. Avoid the eye area and allow it to fully soak in before swimming or sweating.

Thanks to lash extensions, it’s never been easier to stay active and enjoy an array of vacation activities, all the while feeling gorgeous and photo shoot ready at any moment!

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March 06, 2020

This is a great article!! To the point and much more helpful than my lash lady just telling me that I can swim with them, she didnt explain the how and why’s but this article does, thank you!

Sharon Wilson-Smith
Sharon Wilson-Smith

January 22, 2019

Thanks for pointing out that it’s best to rinse your lash extensions with fresh water after you swim because both salt water and chlorine can affect your lash extensions. My sister and I are both interested in lash extensions. We will attend a beach party soon, and we want to make sure that we will look impressive. Since we really plan to swim and sunbath, we will make sure to always bring a bottle of fresh water with us.

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