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Posted on November 03 2016

Being a lash artist can be an immensely rewarding career.  Helping women look more beautiful while earning a living is such a blessing!  However, it can take its toll on a person, both mentally and physically. 

I’ve been doing lashes for over 10 plus years and have found that I must work very hard to ensure I am taking adequate care of myself.  I have found that the delicate and intricate nature of our profession can add a lot of emotional stress to my every day life.  This profession also can tax my physical body. 

I’ve created a list of 10 things that I do regularly to ensure that I am taking care of myself so I can work in a stress free environment.  This list also includes some very important tips on how I set up my workstation to make ensure I’ll be comfortable and able to function ergonomically without worrying about repetitive use injuries. 

Stefani’s 10 Self Care Tips

1.  Use Proper Tweezers 
Be sure to use angled or curved tweezers to isolate your lash, it relieves a lot of strain on your wrist and prevents long-term use injuries.

2.  Use Lash Palette Ring   When you keep your workstation close to the lash, it keeps the amount of excess movements to a minimum, keeps lashing time down, and helps with retention because adhesive doesn’t begin drying before attachment. 

3.  Use Correct Adhesive For Your Climate   Nothing adds more stress than poor retention.  Be sure to check our adhesive chart  for the best adhesive for your climate to ensure great retention and a stress free environment. 

4.  Stretch   Take the time before during and after your sessions to simple stretches of your wrists, forearms, neck and shoulders.  Many yoga teachers and massage therapists can offer great suggestions for you. 

5.  Get Massage    One of the best stress relievers is massage. It’s also ideal to help alleviate any muscle tension.  Massage helps to melt away built up tension in your shoulders, arms and wrists from lashing all day long. 

6.  Get Your Vision Checked    Your eyes are your most valued tools, be sure you get your vision checked regularly.  Read my Vision Article Here

7.  Proper Adjustable Table   Protect your back and shoulders, have a table you can adjust. 

8.  Proper Chairs    Make sure your chair adjusts so you can raise and lower it as needed.

9.  Proper Pillows    Clients are not all shaped the same.  Make sure you have different shape and sizes of pillows to be sure you can make the client comfortable and get them to a height and angel that is ideal for your arms, shoulders, wrists to be comfortable. 

10.  Adjustable Light    Make sure you can easily move and adjust your light.  Being able to see the intricate detail is crucial. 

Take good care of you and happy lashing! 

Love Stefani! 





  • Brenda Sylvester : November 09, 2016

    Thank you ? for the amazing advice. I love ❤️ my career and it is really important to take care of ourselves so we can do the best work on our clients.

  • Margaret Rawls: November 08, 2016

    Great information! Thanks for sharing . What and we’re can you get certified to do lashes.

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