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Stella Lash Stellar Amaze from The Lash Shop is Your Winter Adhesive Solution!

January 11, 2017

Stella Lash Stellar Amaze Lash Adhesive from The Lash Shop is perfect for winter eyelash extensions.

Is the adhesive you love to use the most no longer performing the same way when cold weather sets in?
Heated interior environments are warmer and drier which affect eyelash extension adhesives. Stella Lash Stellar Amaze Adhesive is formulated to deliver lash retention specifically for those in dry climates with humidity levels of 30% to 50%. May be used with a Nebulizer during application to increase lash grab.
Tips for Winter Lash Extension Application:
  • Utilize a room humidifier when humidity drops below 30%. You want the humidity to be 35% to 40%.
  • Use your nebulizer more often throughout the lashing process. This helps bring moisture to the lashes and will help the adhesive grab.
  •  Ask your clients about winter changes in their skincare or haircare that may leave residue on their lashes.
  • Clean and Prime a little more prior to lashing if you are having issues. Don't forget to use your lash nebulizer before and after lashing to bring the moisture back.
  • Use Stella Lash Stellar Amaze Adhesive from The Lash Shop for the best results in your winter lash extensions sessions.
You can purchase STELLAR AMAZE right here!

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