Having Lash Issues This Time of Year?

Posted on January 11 2017

Is the adhesive you love to use the most no longer performing the same way??
This time of year with the weather changes, it's the most common complaint I hear from lash artists!!
When we turn the heat on inside, it changes our environment to usually being warmer and drier. Stellar Amaze is PERFECT for these weather conditions.
****Pro Tips To Help This Time of Year:
1) Get a whole room humidifier (most lash areas can drop to lower than 30% humidity and that's when we see this issue. Try to get it at least 35%-40% Humidity when it is so low).
2) Use your lash nebulizer more often thru out lashing. This helps bring moisture to your lashes and will help the adhesive grab better.
3) Check also with you clients, sometimes our clients change their skincare or haircare that can get residue on their lashes making their lashes more slick and have negative impact.
4) Clean & Prime a little extra prior to lashing if you are having some issues. Don't forget to use your lash nebulizer after and right before lashing to bring the moisture back
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