Silk VS. Mink Synthetic Lashes? What's the REAL Difference?

Posted on November 21 2015

Silk Vs. Mink Lashes, Please What is the REAL Difference between them?

ALL synthetic lashes are made with a plastic fiber called PBT, Polybutylene Terephthalate.  PBT is a thermoplastic (semi-) crystalline polymer, and a type of polyester, that is heated, molded into the desired lash shape and set as it cools.

Synthetic Silk and Synthetic Mink, is made up of the same exact material, which is PBT.   Now just like in any material there are always different grades of quality in the PBT fibers.  One usually has more of a taper, ⅔ which creates a lighter & softer feel. The other having usually ⅓ of a taper creates a deeper bolder look creating a stronger curl. There are different curl processes that can make the difference as well, dry heat vs. steam moist heat.  The different ways to curl the PBT fibers also can impact the way it holds it's curl.  Some fibers may have a shiny gloss to them, while others having a more dull, matte finish.  Either way, at the end of the day, a synthetic lash whether it is "CALLED SILK OR MINK", is the same exact material.  

Now every manufacturer is different, so to some the Silk synthetic lash has the deeper taper creating more of a softness and the synthetic Mink lash having the ⅓ taper with stronger curl. There are some manufacturers who call the deeper taper ⅔, their Mink synthetic lashes trying to mimic a real mink hair.  Real mink hair characteristics have a super thin taper, soft curl with a shiny coat feeling ultra soft.

Some Manufacturers say it is just the way they steam and process the curl that determines the difference.  Either way they really are so similar and it usually very hard to even tell the difference.  The Synthetic Mink is the most popular and It maintains a stronger curl and you can create more dramatic looks.  Synthetic Silk is a little lighter than synthetic mink.  It holds curl well, and is softer and less dramatic.

 Real mink lashes, (I personally do NOT use these NOR will I ever sell, carry or promote as I believe it is harmful to animals) are the lightest softest feathery lashes, but they don’t produce a long lasting curl. How on earth can someone want to use real mink knowing that these were harmed and killed to get their hair.


New lashes on the market include flat lashes, pre made volume fans, lashes with rhinestones, glitter, two-toned (ombre), tri-tone (3 color ombre)  and colored lashes that are considered specialty lashes.  

Curls, Diameters & Length

B curl

C curl

D curl

L curl

L+ curl

.05, .06, .07., .085, .10, .12, .15, .18, .20, .23, .25, .30


Mixed trays, Single length trays, Camillia lashes (variety of different lengths on same strip usually 3 different lengths (7/8/9) (10/11/12) (13/14/15) 

I have researched with numerous lash/hair manufacturer companies in Hong Kong at Cosmoprof 2013 getting most of my information regarding raw lash materials. As well as current information with numerous factories as well from China to Viet Nam.


  • Catherine: July 23, 2016

    I mean to say: good for you refusing the cruelty (I think I made an editing mistake earlier and left “not” before “refusing”; sorry!)

  • Catherine: July 23, 2016

    Good for you not refusing the cruelty of real mink fur! Thank you for your compassion.

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